Friday, April 4, 2008

Dear Missionary

I write this letter to you with as much logic as possible. I understand that your church means a whole lot to you, and I am sure that you come here with the best of intentions to save the savage souls from the devil.
I do however have a newsbreak, people here in Honduras are very well aware of who Jesus and Maria is, and in fact they name their kids after them, they also plaster there car with godly messages, wear jewelry with their names, and even have towns with their names. So with this in mind I find it doubtful that by you doing your churchly duty and spending an ENTIRE week down here to build a church is going to make there life more Christan. If you wanted to do something helpful take the money you would have spent on a plane ticket and send they money to a charity of your choice. There are a ton here, send a kid to school, feed a family, buy clothes. The options are almost endless.
I am sure right now you have your reservations, your church is they only right church and all the other churches are wrong and by you coming here you could tell the people which church is right. The thing is that food that you could buy is a whole lot more important to a poor family than your my church is the only right church message.


that girl said...

I concur. Their money is better spent on charity, not more 'houses of god'. Not to mention, they would be greatly reducing their environmental impact on the fragile local ecosystem by skipping the international plane trips and opting to wire-transfer the funds to groups that can actually help the locals.

La Gringa said...

Oh, wow! You've said what I've been thinking.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have spoken with every missionary in Honduras. Many people who come down for a week do end up helping send a kid to school, feed a family, buy clothes or whatever. There are also many people who come for a week and then decide to make Honduras their home while helping people in need daily. Not shoving church or Jesus or Mary on them, but simply helping in any way they can.
Why bash someone for helping? Maybe you wouldn't go somewhere for a week to build someone in need a house. Other people may enjoy that kind of work. It is better then doing nothing, right? Not every missionary is the same you know.

Bree said...

this is spot on - i agree 100%. I think anyone who has lived in a situation like Juticalpa would agree. Thanks for passing your blog on to me!