Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Behind the Honduran Mutiny" Olancho check

Okay I think this is a personal record for posts in one day but after reading an article from the Wall Street Journal "Behind the Honduran Mutiny" I had to write something.The complete article can be found here online. But here is a quote:

"Mr. Zelaya is a product of Olancho, a violent, macho state in central Honduras that is dominated by pistol-packing landowners who run huge estates. His family, involved in logging and ranching, has been one of the dominant forces in Olancho for decades... Jose Manuel, was put on trial for helping army officers torture and murder 14 rural activists, including two priests. Convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison, Mr. Zelaya's father served little more than a year before being freed in a general amnesty"

Let me clear up a few things Okay violent, yeah- as with the rest of the country.
Dominated by landowners who run huge estates? Ehh really? All the rich families I know have a business and with that money they might have a farm, for something to do. The families with money generally speaking are not ranchers. The families with huge estates at one point possibly had money but now they are generally trying to sell that land to get money.
The last one that usually gets the best looks when I ask Hondurans if the Zelayas have been a dominant force in Olancho. This is a big fat NO the Zelayas have not been a dominant force. The truth of it is if the Zelayas had been a dominate force in Olancho Zelayas dad would not have served one day in jail, heck the police would have not have not found who killed the people, because the police would be to afraid to arrest him.
I am just saying if you are doing an article lets try to stop scaring your audience into thinking that Honduras/Olancho is a big bad scary place. I am glad they did report about Mels dad killing the priests, but lets stop exaggerating.

News coverage

Yesterday the El heraldo reported on minuto a minuto that Micheletti was censuring the media. I don't want to sound mean but it took them that long to figure it out? It did not occur to them when Mel was trying to land at the airport a few weeks ago and all the national channels conveniently had a long public service announcement that had already played that day?

Keeping on the theme of bad coverage I thought I would point out that when you see Honduras coverage with video if you see in the upper corner Telesur please note that video was taken by a state run Venezualen news company. If you read Spanish check out the website at there is a good amount of propaganda, but also live telesur tv, which keeps you updated with what Mel is doing, which is always good entertainment.

A small thought do you ever think that this is all a soap opera? I mean Romeo Vasquez the head of the military is said to be good friends with Mel. Sometimes it just seems so tele novela.

My basil story

Mel just seems to be getting a too much attention lately so I thought I would write about something else.

I love fresh basil, but for some reason I have the hardest time finding it. I have found it once in Tegus but other than that one time I can only find dried basil.
So a while back I randomly found a packet of seeds for organic basil imported from Canada so I bought them, planted them, and patiently waited. When they started growing I was elated, I started having pasta for almost every dinner. A few of the basil plants naturally started getting bigger and bigger blocking out the sun for the little plants. I then decided to give a few of the plants to some employees. I brought them in paper towels with water in little baggies, I was then asked what the plants were, I answered (thank you online translator) albahaca! Albahaca? said one employee, that stuff grows all around my house...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Don't you see?

Honduras wants peace, and peace does not involve Mel.
I understand the UN, they don't want the politically instability of when a country no longer wants the president they simply kick him out, that is not Democracy. I also understand the one system for all countries just doesn't work. How about we stop calling it Democracy in Honduras, we will call it Democracy h.1. You see this Democracy h.1 works here in Honduras, and when we get a president who thinks he needs to stay, and does illegal things to stay in power- we call him out, and look in no time flat we have a new president- completely legal!
If you still don't believe Mel wanted to stay in power, you can check out Chavez admission to Mel's ambition to become a dictator. I am not saying Honduras should not let Mel back into power simply because that is my feeling, look at the photo, people don't want Mel. Honduras is protesting because they don't want a dictator they had fliers passed around during protest say and I quote "Honduras Tierra de paz y democracia" (Honduras land of peace and democracy) .
So what do you say world Democracy h.1?