Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No tell-Motel

Hotel and Motel in english are different, right? one outside, one inside. Well in Honduras there is a bigger difference. Motels are no-tell motels. Let me explain, they are hotels where you take your other significant other or if you just want to get the deed done. I have posted a picture of one above. This one includes an electric door so you don't even have to get out of you car to close the door, and once it is closed get out of the car and enter the room. Amazing what people will think of.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Betting on Chickens

yes, yes...

Let me start this of with saying yes I know I am going to hell.

Sundays afternoons are the only free time I have -but because it is Honduras I usually have no clue on what I am doing till that day.

This past Sunday was of a similar story, then at about 10:00 a cousin of esposo comes and tells him about a cock fight they are having at their house, and apparently you just can’t pass up a good cock fight. So after we closed- off we go to a cock fight passing up two perfectly good birthday party offers in the process.

The entrance fee for the cock fight is one hundred lmp (about five dollars) luckily cousin lets us in for free. The people bring the roosters in cages; they are weighed before each fight to make sure it is a fair fight. The bets are taken, and the fight begins.

There are two types of hooks that they attach to one foot of each rooster, a big hook or a little hook. The big hook fights last no more than a minute and it seems to me luck has more to do with who wins than anything. The little hook fights last longer but it seems the better fighter of the two who wins.

To win the fight one of the roosters must die, but if both the roosters are injured and can’t really fight it is a tie. I am unsure where all the roosters come from- I did meet one man from El Salvador but I don’t know if he had any roosters there. They say that you have to train them to fight- and that the gringo chickens are the best (yes, I managed to get a few good jokes out of that statement.) The people who were betting did not bet small change one of the fights had 20,000lmp in the pot- betting on chickens.

I am not a fan, I suppose in the end they do end up eating the chicken and having chicken soup, but the killing process is a bit too gruesome for me. Needless to say next Sunday you won’t find me at a cock fight

Monday, February 1, 2010


The Honduran school year is starting up next week, the kids who's parents can afford the uniform and books are going to school. The other kids will simply just not go. The education system in Honduras is very far from perfect, but it still makes me sad when I meet someone my age that can not really read. The same person writes their name, but with a concentration that is similar to someone trying to remember a sequence of shapes. School here is a privilege not a right. The tortilla kids, or the orange kids, or what ever the kids happen to be hawking that day. These kids will not go to school.
I really do think the improvement and development of one country is dependent on the education of its poor, but in using this type of scale, the future of Honduras is not headed in the right direction.