Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I think perhaps because I grew up in Oregon I never really had a mango. I mean sure, I had those dried sweetened beyond belief mangos, or the grocery variety pick green and therefor rather pine tasting, but not a real mango. Not until of course until I traveled, where tropical fruits became well, just fruits. Esposo's grandpa brings me one everyday picked right from the tree, front door service. Rather amazing really, the odd part of this though is that most people here seem to prefer other fruits to mangos, or unripe mangos with chili. None the less I am enjoying my mango days even though I think I am allergic to them (oh well).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My karma

They tell me in happiness, they tell me in wish fullness, they tell me of the past, and they tell me of the future. They tell me about the USA. Its an odd feeling, they tell me they are going to the States, and by going I mean to live. How should I feel? They are going there to work and have a better life. Many will come back, some will stay. With the money they will build a house in Honduras, they will start a buisness and live a better life. Should I feel upset? They will be paid under the table if they are only there for a few years not paying taxes, they will be living in fear that they will be deported they whole time. They will be robbed, and they wont report it, they will be sick and work, they will do anything for that money. Do they deserve it? They go because there country is poor, they work Monday through Saturday from seven thirty in the morning to seven at night and get paid $200.00 a month, if they are lucky.
They are going to my country illegally through Mexico or by flying with a tourist with no plans on returning after that 6 month. How do you decided who is deserving? Is they family that flew there because the Dad stole large sums of money from the back deserving? Is the family with two kids and a working mom deserving? or perhaps is the Mom who has a job, an infant daughter, and a husband that is willing to leave it all? Who decidides? I dont want to.
By karma or their parents choices or what ever you happen to belive they where born at a time when there country was at its lowest economic state, and by good karma, or my parents decisions I was born into a country which happened to be economiclly powerful. Should I hold this against them, or should they hold it against me?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Magic Cleaning Lady

Ohh the wonders. She comes to my house and cleans all morning on Tuesday, then returns on Friday to iron. There are few word to describe when you come home and the house is spotless or when all your clothes are washed and ironed. I swear its a magical feeling. I should probably explain the ´need´ for her... Juticalpa (Juti) is really really dust, you can dust one day and the next day you cant even tell that you dusted, which is highly exasperating. The ironing is something really Latin to me at least. Hondurans always like to look nice, and because of this ironed clothes is a necessity. For example if I went to the store with clothes that were not ironed everyone wold notice and would be shocked it´s kinda bazaar. With that all in mind I prefer my magic cleaning lady over, well myself doing it. I am also helping the local economy, sorta.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Dear Missionary

I write this letter to you with as much logic as possible. I understand that your church means a whole lot to you, and I am sure that you come here with the best of intentions to save the savage souls from the devil.
I do however have a newsbreak, people here in Honduras are very well aware of who Jesus and Maria is, and in fact they name their kids after them, they also plaster there car with godly messages, wear jewelry with their names, and even have towns with their names. So with this in mind I find it doubtful that by you doing your churchly duty and spending an ENTIRE week down here to build a church is going to make there life more Christan. If you wanted to do something helpful take the money you would have spent on a plane ticket and send they money to a charity of your choice. There are a ton here, send a kid to school, feed a family, buy clothes. The options are almost endless.
I am sure right now you have your reservations, your church is they only right church and all the other churches are wrong and by you coming here you could tell the people which church is right. The thing is that food that you could buy is a whole lot more important to a poor family than your my church is the only right church message.