Saturday, April 3, 2010


The pride and joy of Olancho, Coyol. I have been told it only exists in Olancho, I am not completely convinced. It is a type of palm that during the dry season ferments (by itself) the liquid that is inside it to create a alcoholic drink. True Olanchano style. The pictures I have included below are the nasty nasty spines on the palm, the coyol fruit (kind bland tasting to me) and the palms themselves. Coyol it self is one of the few things that smells much worst than it tastes. I am not a huge fan of it but esposo I think might start a fan club.
Coyol I have been told use to be prominent around Olancho but now only in the higher elevations can you find it due to a nasty beetle that kills the palm. So I have never seen a live Coyol palm...
The video I put below is Coyol the drink being taken out of the palm. I think it is pretty fascinating.

My Semana Santa in Photos