Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hot Dog

It´s hot now, I mean the tropical too much humidity sit and you sweat hot. This hotness somehow also correlates with no electricity at night which is really, well , awful. It comes down to two options at night- one open the window and get bit by hungry mosquito's or two- have the window shut and attempt to sleep in a puddle of sweat. I might note that option one only helps a wee wee fraction. I now however have the highest respect for the inventor of the air conditioner, but have a high level of destine for the electric company here.

Even our dog Castro is miserable at night as the photo shows all he wants to do it sleep, because he is tired from not being able to sleep because its too hot!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I may need to break out my bike soon..

Today is the first time I have witnessed a fuel shortage. It seems Honduras does not have diesel, and seeing how the majority of the car and trucks run on diesel it is pretty big problem. My mother-in-law´s husband stood in line for three hours to get diesel today, and this was in Juticalpa... I cant imagine the capital. The kinda funny part about this is that Honduras had a law about three weeks ago that made all cars and trucks with more than two doors to have a rest day one day a week, and if caught driving on that day you would get a ticket
This law was voted down after they had already sent out the stickers to put in your car to show which day you were not drive on- and was in place for a day or so. Go figure, a law that could have helped the shortage was voted down.
While the prices of gas and diesel might be high elsewhere in the world, at least you have it.