Monday, September 28, 2009

Protest for Mel

In Juticalpa today we had a pro- Zelaya protest today. While the march was not overall impressive it did different in one distinct way. There were people WALKING!! The people walking may not seem such a big deal, but all the previous protest have just involved people in only cars going up the street honking their horns with the red liberal flags (Mel's political party) waiving. To me this represented people that are most likely going to loose a lot if Mel comes back, they have cars and money, and seem the most upset about the situation. They are feeding out of Mel's proverbial trough. This time around though people were walking- which concerned me, do they really think Mel is for the people? I am not sure if they were really there to protest, or if they were being paid to be there but they were there.
The protest was overall pretty calm- they say they wont destroy things here in Juticalpa, because here everyone knows everyone. We shall see, and hope this is the case.
Public school here still has not started up, the people that Mel supposedly supports are missing school and falling behind.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The country of Honduras

There is a curfew again in Honduras.
I find it discouraging that everything seems to lie on party lines.
I wish to talk to people of the world, not as a republican, not as a democrat but as a person living in Honduras. This country lives and breathes corruption, as with most poor countries, but lets not assume that there is no limit. The people here tolerate the corruption, because people understand here more than many places that this corruption, as with most things, it will pass.
The corruption that the people will not stand for is blatant corruption, a complete disregard for the law.
I speak to you as a foreigner, a gringa. The people in Honduras are fighting for their freedom, a fight tragically that has turned into party lines.
The former president Manuel Zelaya broke a constitutional law and as noted in the Honduran constitution and he was removed from office.
He was asking permission to change the constitution. Manuel Zelaya had organized voting centers, rationed money for the publicity of the election. The supreme court of Honduras told Manuel Zelaya that he could not hold the election, it was unconstitutional, but he continued. Sunday June 28th the day of the election they took Mel out of the country-out of office.
He was asking for permission to change the constitution, no specifics. I ask you, would you allow this? Just let your president to do what he wants to your constitution?

The whole world, minus two countries has asked for Manuel Zelaya to be put back in office.
Honduras is a poor Central American country, they don’t care about other countries party lines, they care about how they are going to feed their family.
So people of world, ask your country to support Honduras, not Manuel Zelaya.

Here is a petition for President Obama

Friday, September 18, 2009


In Honduras there is the day of the child, the day of the young, mothers day, fathers day, workers day, and the day of friendship and love. On these day it is always customary to tell people on the day that applies to them, congratulations. So if you are a child, every congratulates you on child's day. I have gotten use to that, although telling your friend on friendship day still seems a bit odd to me. The one I still think is just plain weird is that they tell my husband on fathers day congratulations, I ask him if has something to tell me... The reason is though is that because he will be a father in the future. I am not pregnant, but because he is of a suitable age, and as far as we know he can reproduce he gets congratulations. I think that might be one of the easiest congrats to fulfill of all time.