Saturday, February 26, 2011


Citizenship is to me such a curious thing. Some countries allow only one citizenship, others multiple until a certain age, others unlimited multiple.

I have had conversations with people who are surprised that I married to a Honduran do not have Honduran citizenship, and my Husband married to an American does not have American citizenship. Admittedly esposo is on track to obtain citizenship- we just are not there yet.
From reading the sparse information on-line and what I gather from other Hondurans in the news, dual-citizenship is accepted, but I cannot really tell if it technically legal.
The issues I have with Honduran citizenship regulations is that the best a child of a Honduran not born in Honduras can do is obtain a visa (does anybody have a personal experience obtaining this?) that allows the child to stay in Honduras for as long as they like. I find this mostly sad, why such restrictions? (I stand corrected please read comments)
The second thing is that I could move back to Honduras, and live there for the rest of my life and STILL never be a citizen with a passport.
I do understand there are many countries that have similar polices like this, and maybe this shows that I am truly a product of a western country for thinking this is crazy.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


People use to ask me when I lived in Honduras, what do you miss most? This question, as time went on became harder and harder to answer. Finally I came to the answer- not much. Sure, when there was no electricity- I missed it, but I didn't miss anything so much that I couldn't live without it.
Living back in the US I seem to have a harder time with things I miss. Like baleadas. Where I live I do not believe there is another Honduran in a 100 mile radius, which means no baleadas or really any Honduran food, except the food I make. No more corn sold on the corner, or green mangos... Oh I could go on.
I appreciate electricity and never ending runnning water more than ever- but sometimes nothing would make me happier than fresh tajadas...