Friday, November 14, 2008

The reasons why

Here in Honduras being pregnant or having a child is as far as I can tell the pinnacle point in a woman’s life. Which is not necessarily wrong, just explains why mothers day here is on the same level as Christmas, and why there are so many Catholics.
This is why I am asked on a daily bases by people I do or don’t know, ask why I don't have any children. My answer, never changing, 'tomorrow' I once thought would defer this question has unfortunately not worked, as the same people keep on asking.
Perhaps the most amusing part of this is 'signs' that I could be pregnant. My favorite is when Esposo is sick (as he currently is) I MUST be pregnant. Yes you read that correctly. When Esposo is sick I must be pregnant. Second is if I want green mangos I must be pregnant. Third if Esposo and I go to Tegus. (the capital) I must be pregnant. Fourth and final if I throw up no matter if its all night and I have a fever, I must be pregnant. So as you can see... a very compelling case, but in fact, no, I am not pregnant… which of course baffles people here even more, don’t I want children?, if you wait to long you will be old, and you don’t want to be old and have children, and what about Esposo’s little cousin who was born this year, he needs a friend…. I could go on but I won’t. I will however finish out with a little story that is true, really it is.

A family that lives here in town has a few too many children, If I remember correctly 8. A nurse that works at the local hospital concerned with how many children this family had, and how they couldn’t afford even one child talked to the mother and gave her some birth control to take. About a year later the lady was back at the hospital with a ninth child, so the nurse asked, “how is that birth control working?” The mom replied “ I give it to my husband everyday but it doesn’t seem to work”

Monday, November 10, 2008


Primary Elections are coming up here, it seems to me at least there are about 20 people running from each party but that could be because I don’t quite understand the offices. They however are very creative in the campaigning techniques. Some pick a song that is popular, and use it as their song, paying someone to drive a car around all day blaring the song and intermittently announce the candidate. A few candidates like to sort of buy their votes, the poorer people here ask them for food or money and depending the candidates send them over here to the store and he give them a bag of food (that the candidate pays for). The less creative way is that they like to plaster on any surface their face and number, as the ballot here has the candidate’s picture, number, and name as some people here are illiterate. All very fascinating but I cannot figure out what each candidate stands for, and I am fairly sure not many people do.