Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I think perhaps because I grew up in Oregon I never really had a mango. I mean sure, I had those dried sweetened beyond belief mangos, or the grocery variety pick green and therefor rather pine tasting, but not a real mango. Not until of course until I traveled, where tropical fruits became well, just fruits. Esposo's grandpa brings me one everyday picked right from the tree, front door service. Rather amazing really, the odd part of this though is that most people here seem to prefer other fruits to mangos, or unripe mangos with chili. None the less I am enjoying my mango days even though I think I am allergic to them (oh well).


midget said...

Alergic to mangos?!? That would be terrible!

I want fresh mango now.

La Gringa said...

"They" say it is the sap in the skin that causes the allergy, so just get someone else to peel them for you and you should be fine.