Saturday, July 25, 2009

News coverage

Yesterday the El heraldo reported on minuto a minuto that Micheletti was censuring the media. I don't want to sound mean but it took them that long to figure it out? It did not occur to them when Mel was trying to land at the airport a few weeks ago and all the national channels conveniently had a long public service announcement that had already played that day?

Keeping on the theme of bad coverage I thought I would point out that when you see Honduras coverage with video if you see in the upper corner Telesur please note that video was taken by a state run Venezualen news company. If you read Spanish check out the website at there is a good amount of propaganda, but also live telesur tv, which keeps you updated with what Mel is doing, which is always good entertainment.

A small thought do you ever think that this is all a soap opera? I mean Romeo Vasquez the head of the military is said to be good friends with Mel. Sometimes it just seems so tele novela.

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