Saturday, July 4, 2009

Don't you see?

Honduras wants peace, and peace does not involve Mel.
I understand the UN, they don't want the politically instability of when a country no longer wants the president they simply kick him out, that is not Democracy. I also understand the one system for all countries just doesn't work. How about we stop calling it Democracy in Honduras, we will call it Democracy h.1. You see this Democracy h.1 works here in Honduras, and when we get a president who thinks he needs to stay, and does illegal things to stay in power- we call him out, and look in no time flat we have a new president- completely legal!
If you still don't believe Mel wanted to stay in power, you can check out Chavez admission to Mel's ambition to become a dictator. I am not saying Honduras should not let Mel back into power simply because that is my feeling, look at the photo, people don't want Mel. Honduras is protesting because they don't want a dictator they had fliers passed around during protest say and I quote "Honduras Tierra de paz y democracia" (Honduras land of peace and democracy) .
So what do you say world Democracy h.1?


La Gringa said...

Hi There! I agree with you. I don't this was about Micheletti, it was about not having Mel. Haven't the rallies been incredible?

Where was that photo taken?

Meno said...

Yes, the paid rallies are incredible, incredibly fake. Of course the rallies I see are much like this:

Viva Olancho...