Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yup, that was me.

On many a Sundays when we only work a half day at the store we travel to a town on 30min. away to watch the local soccer team. I have not gone to all the games but for sure more than half and most of the time the stadium is fairly full but this time the stadium was packed the soccer team was competing for ranks. This also meant that the TV and radio were all out broadcasting the game.
Let me take a quick side trip. Esposo´s family is fairly well known in the town and in the state also and because he is back he more recognized but also much easier to spot because well me. Gringas are so easy to spot. Okay let’s go back.
So Esposo and I are sitting the stands at half time and the radio guy of the national radio station looks over and sees Esposo and me... Come talk on the radio, because what is better than a spectator talking on radio? That’s easy! A gringa spectator talking on the radio! I refuse. My Spanish is bad, and yeah that’s it. My Spanish is bad. Esposo and radio guy persist. Fine I will talk. The radio guy first asks Esposo a few questions and then turns to me and asks me I swear ´how do I like it here´ or something along those lines. I answer back it’s nice, green, and complete. But I missed a word. Team. Yeah team. How is the team. A combination of my bad spanish and my assumptions. You see everybody asks me how I like Honduras, Olancho, Juticalpa. So I on national radio said the team was nice, green, and, complete... but the team is green.

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