Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rules to Follow

Last month I unfortunately had to attend another funeral, my husbands cousins- who was murdered in Tegus. Funerals are not something I think anyone enjoys, and that would include me. In Honduras I have attended more funerals than I would ever think possible for living in a country a relatively short time. This time around the experience was more personal- and because of it there anywhere more rules to follow, a culture to abide by.

In Honduras funerals happen the day after, or the day of, there is no pretty make-up to hide anything, the family dresses the deceased, the family moves the body. When you are the family of the deceased you don't wear bright colors, red is the worst. In Tegus we used a funeral home, the house of his family was too small. Funerals are literally a time of mourning, there is no speeches or pamphlets. People are there to see the body, and mourn. If you knew the person, you go, simple as that.

The person that is at the center of the morning, the person that the people come to visit, is the mother. I have always found this curious, as it does not matter if the person is married, the mother is the center. This is what I have seen. My husband tells me because in most cases the wife is not the only significant other the husband has/had.

The cousin worked here at the store and was close to his family here in Juti, because of this the store is in morning also. We do not play music, and we have a black bow above the business to show we are in mourning.
I will not wear red clothes for a few months, go to the theater, or play music. I have been told that it is suppose to be followed for about 6 months.

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Olancho Bound Gringa said...

I'm glad you mentioned the not wearing red clothes for several months. I had only heard that once before & wondered if that was true or not.