Monday, November 2, 2009

The People of Mel

Today is a day that shows what the people of Mel are like.
This morning the husband of a Congress woman was kidnapped- she supports Micheletti. They just found the husbands car and blood in it.
Then just now at 8:15p.m. the news man of Olancho (anchor and the whole show) was shot. He supports Micheletti.
How do I know that it is Mel supporters? Because it is Olancho and in Olancho, and specifically Juticalpa everyone knows everyone.


Chris said...

Hello Kegarnay,

Is there a news source on the web that has covered these events?

If you could direct me to them, it would be appreciated.


kegarnay said...

Hey Chris, sorry it has taken me so long. Both of these happenings were reported in the El Heraldo, on Nov 2nd. I was able to find online these two articles.
hope that helps.