Monday, March 1, 2010

A few photos around olancho

Here is a few photos I took around Olancho this past week. enjoy!


Olancho Bound Gringa said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. I very much enjoy them. How far are you from Catacamas? My husband is from Culebrero.

kegarnay said...

Catacamas is about a 15min or half hour drive. I am glad you enjoyed the photos!

Olancho Bound Gringa said...

Cool, we'll be in Culebrero!

La Gringa said...

I'm curious about the hole that the two trees appear to be in. Any ideas?

BTW, the commenting problem went away. When I was first reading your latest article, there was no link to comment, but I guess the page just didn't load completely or something because it's fine now.

I'd love to see more photos from around Olancho.