Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Anonas are coming but the jobos are here!

See, they are coming!
The Anona is the fruit that sorta looks like an artichoke, it is opaque creamy inside with watermelon sized seeds. The flavor is hard for me to describe, sweet but not too sweet. Anona is generally just eaten plain. I looked up and apparently this is a fairly common fruit around the world. In English it called a custard apple.
The jobos (pronounced hobo- yup like a bum) are about the size of a large grape, the jobos in the photo are not ready quite yet they get a bit bigger then turn slightly yellow-red. When they are eaten, they are eaten plain or with hot sauce, salt, and cumin. Jobo trees are to me very odd because when there is fruit they have no leaves, so it looks as if it is dead, but then they have fruit... a bit bazaar. The seeds the majority of the mass, only a little layer of fruit is what you eat.

The good part of they dry season is that most of the good fruits are in season. The bad part is there is so little time to eat them all... he he he


dfluter24 said...

I am so excited to find your blog! My fiance is Honduran, from Olancho, and we are planning on moving there this year. I am very nervous and scarred but glad others have gone through the same thing!

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