Saturday, December 27, 2008

The expired people

Not implying they are expired but they take the expired food off of the shelf. They come once, twice a month taking a few things, but this month they noticed me with wine in a cart. Using their keen sense of expired food, they thought it was expired so they began asking me questions. When does wine expire, and how come it does not have an expiration date? So after a very long, long exhausting talk are trying to convince the expiration people that, no wine does not have an expiration date… they called their boss- their boss called a doctor and they concluded that wine has to have an expiration date… Esposo then talked to them, and again tried to tell them, that no in fact wine does not have an expiration date… They said they would research it and get make to us. This week they came back and told that any alcohol over 10% does not need an expiration date. I should e-mail the French, I am sure they will be relived to know that the Honduran expired people concurred and wine does not need an expiration date.

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La Gringa said...

I wish the expired people would come to La Ceiba. I wonder how they treat products in which the expiration date has been removed?

Wine -- I guess it would be impossible to convince that the older the better.