Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Living in Honduras, and really any country outsides the states but still being an American inevitable leads to people asking a question about politics. I don´t mind talking about politics I tend to enjoy it but I would like to propose a few laws for any one running in the general election in the United States. I worded that wrong, I would like to propose one thing, and it is really simple. You need to have left the country for at least a month. Seriously. Think the person running for vice presidency for the republican ticket has only left the country to visit the troops. That is ridiculous, I don´t really consider that leaving the country. I could simulate that experience on a trip to what ever desert you pick and throw in a few 20 year olds and there you go. I am just saying why would you elect someone to control the ´superpower´ of the world when they don´t even know what the world is.


midget said...

Isn't Palin a UofI graduate, too? I think I heard that when I was there... Maybe I am thinking of someone else.

midget said...

I found the answer to my own question.