Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some direction

I am writing this blog entry to ask for some ideas and direction.
I would like to send more kids to school, my basic goal. I would like to do this by somehow providing school uniforms, books, backpacks, etc. Eventually I would love to be able to provide tuition assistance, so kids could go to better schools but I realize I cant do everything all at once.
I understand that I need money, as shipping things down to Honduras is cost prohibitive. The thing is I am unsure on how to ask people for money if I don't even have an organization- or should I just go for it?
Thank you in advance for any ideas and suggestions you might have.

Ohh I do know that school does not start until February- but just trying to get ideas.


Bree said...

You could help Ixa. She opened her own high school this past year and I know they need help. We were going to try to help her through an umbrella org, which acts on behalf of good causes who don't yet have nonprofit status. But yeah, shipping is def. an issue. Not sure about that one. Let me know if you're interested in helping :)

midget said...

Anonymous said...

You're right, money can be sent much more easily and cheaper than materials, and often buys a lot more in country than back in the USA Instead of asking others for their money, why not send YOUR money?

La Gringa said...

I took her article to read that she is planning on using HER money and to ask other people for more money. Jeesh.

midget said...


You sure seem to have a strong opinion for someone unwilling to attach an identity to those thoughts. And you seem to be fairly unfamiliar with how the world works. Not all those who wish to help have the fiscal freedom to do so; Not all those with excess financial recourses know how share that wealth. Rather than criticize, why not congratulate (and even offer to help) her on seeking ways to pair resources with those in need?