Saturday, January 9, 2010

Feuding Families

People in Olancho hold grudges, for a very long time. While the grudge might not be obvious every day of the year, or every year don't let that fool you, the grudge is still there. In Juticalpa there are two families the Garcia family, and the Ramirez family that have decided that they needed to do something about that grunge the Olancho way-with weapons.
The first spark started with with an attempted hit on the main man of the Garcia family using AK-47`s and grenades. They only managed to kill two body guards- but the feud was restarted. The main man Jose Garcia was interviewed by the main newspaper in Honduras, in this interview he named one of the people who took the hit out on him. A politician in Juticalpa.
The next hit was equally impressive, but this hit killed the head man of the Ramirez family. Killing the main man has caused his family to re-gather in Juti. People that left because they had to, and now they are back. The families are feuding and the job market for bodyguards is improving, but these jobs have a quick turnover rate.

*Please note I have changed all names, but all events are true.

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Anonymous said...

Timely report> for those who think the political crisis is over , Not at all! Mel is Olachano .. They dont forget or forgive >