Monday, May 25, 2009


I once got a fortune cookie that said "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" well I think I am in blog hell. I have had intentions to blog, but never got to it. oops. It is Mango season now and my mango tree is producing more than I could possibly consume, I think I might try my hand at making jelly, because I cannot keep up with the amount this tree produces. In Honduras there are two different types of mangos, mango indio which are the mangos I have, they are small green and yellowish and are considered the sweeter mango. The other mango is much bigger it is red, yellow and a orange and is less sweet. For a while it has baffled me why Honduras has such a lack of creativity with food, for example mangos, Honduras don't really do anything with mangos except eat them raw and maybe with chili. Then it occurred to me it is because the food that has been around in this country is such a small percentage of the food that exists here. Pineapple, mangos, bananas, rice, plantains, yucca. All not native, and really have not been around for that long. Corn on the other hand they have that all figured out. The same way Chinese have rice figured out. So in the end Honduran food is a bit of everything, traditional I guess. My lunch today, rice, beans, tortilla, fried pork meat (if I ate it), and spaghetti (think noodles, butter, margarine, salt, onion, tomato paste.) I am sure exactly what you think of when you think traditional dishes, but yet that is what it is.

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